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Deputy’s SUV collides with bystander’s car

A college professor returning to his lab after dinner finds himself in the middle of a high-speed police chase, which leaves his car totaled and a patrol vehicle overturned. Read.

Solve the Rubik’s Cube: three steps

With around 43 quintillion possible ways of arranging its pieces, solving the Rubik’s Cube remains a mystery for many. Learn how to conquer the popular puzzle using this three-phase method. Read.

What’s that move?

Learn about ollies, grinds, slides, and kickflips—the ABCs of modern skateboarding. Then, enjoy how your favorite skater combines these fundamentals to create advanced tricks. Read.

Pinned in a scorching vortex

Wildland firefighter Ed Vuolo is in his tractor cutting paths into the soil to keep a wildfire from spreading. The fire suddenly blows up, trapping Vuolo in a fiery tornado. Read.

From a landfill to a public park

Instead of leaving 320 acres dormant for decades, officials chose to convert a former landfill into a public park with 3.5 miles (5.63 km) of walking, jogging, and biking trails.

Officials expect the modern procedures that were used to close the landfill will also make problems that have occurred in other communities less likely. Read.

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Making an Olympic ice rink

Find out what it takes to build a professional-quality ice rink in almost any climate. Olympic ice master Dave Wescott explains the process, layer by layer. Read.

Celebrating a street-ball mecca

Envision a courtside view at a legendary basketball court, the Rec. In its day, it was a proving ground for several players who later went on to compete in college and the NBA. Read.

Inside the fire

In preparation for another season of wildfire coverage, reporter Tom Bayles trained and became a volunteer firefighter. Then, he documented his experiences from the frontlines. Read.