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Repurposed landfill becomes a public park

Instead of letting 320 acres of land lay dormant for decades, officials chose to convert a former landfill into a public park with 3.5 miles (5.63 km) of walking, jogging and biking trails.

Problems that have occurred in other communities who have made similar conversions are less likely because of better methods of sealing landfills and improved procedures for disposing of items that could potentially surface through settling garbage. Read More

What's that move?

Learn about ollies, grinds, slides and flips — the ABCs of modern skateboard tricks. Then, you can observe how your favorite skater combines these fundamentals to create advance moves. Read More

Solve the Rubik's Cube

Hungarian architecture professor Ernö Rubik’s passion for geometry and three-dimensional forms led to the invention of the popular puzzle in 1974. Rubik eventually became a self-made millionaire, the first in a communist country. Learn a basic three-phase method for solving the Rubik’s Cube. Read More

Ice rink contruction

Find out what it takes to build a professional-quality ice rink in any climate, layer by layer. Read More

Looking back on street-ball history

Envision a courtside view at one former basketball court where several NBA players got their start. Read More

Inside the fire

In preparation for another season of wildfire coverage, reporter Tom Bayles qualified to serve as a volunteer firefighter with the Florida Division of Forestry. He helped fight some of the largest fires of the year while observing and recording events around him. Read More